List of Planned Nuclear Power Plant Construction Worldwide

According to IAEA, there are plans for the construction of a maximum of 370 new nuclear power reactors worldwide, with the majority around East Asia and Middle East countries.

CountryNuclear Power Cooperation
Agreement with Japan
Planned Construction
/ Nuclear Power Plant
Present Situation
VietnamYesNinh Thuan Nuclear Power PlantMore than 10 nuclear reactors, by 2030. In October, 2010, Japan received the order for two nuclear reactors for Ninh Thuan 2 Nuclear Power Plant
TaiwanNoTaiwan No4 Nuclear Power PlantIn 2004, Hitachi, Ltd. and Toshiba Corporation exported reactor pressure vessels (RPV) to this nuclear plant.
TurkeyYes (signed)Sinop Nuclear Power PlantSinop Nuclear Power Plant is planned to be built at three sites by 2023. The first nuclear power plant in Turkey (Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant) will be built by a Russian company. Mitsubishi Companies including Mitsubishi Heavy Industries received an order for the Sinop Nuclear Power Plant.
UAEYes (signed)Korea began the construction of their Nuclear Power Plant No.1 reactor in July, 2012.
Saudi ArabiaUnder NegotiationExact nuclear power plant construction plan, its site and name remain undecided.Sixteen reactors are planned by 2030. A joint proposal, in which Toshiba Corporation and Westinghouse will be in charge of designing and engineering of machinery & tools, and the subsidiary, Exelon, will be responsible for services including operation, is scheduled to be made.
FinlandYesHanhikivi Nuclear Power Plant and Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant No.4 reactorIn February, 2013, Toshiba Corporation obtained preferential negotiating rights for Hanhikivi Nuclear Power Plant, which is to commence operation in 2020. 5 companies - Hitachi, Ltd. (with General Electric Company), Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Areva Inc., and Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (KHNP) and Toshiba Corporation - participated in the bidding for Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant No.4 reactor, scheduled to begin operation in 2020,
LithuaniaYesVisaginas Nuclear Power PlantIn 2011, Hitachi, Ltd. obtained preferential negotiating rights, but as a result of a national referendum, more than 60% of the nation opposed the construction of the nuclear power plant. The construction of this nuclear power plant is unforeseeable.
The Czech RepublicYesTemelin Nuclear Power StationWestinghouse, an affiliate of Toshiba Corporation (majority owner), is in negotiation over Temelin Nuclear Power Station No.3 & No.4 reactors.
JordanYesMajdal Nuclear Power PlantPreferential negotiating rights were given to Russia at the end of October 2013. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (with Areva Inc.) are at a disadvantage.
South AfricaUnder NegotiationExact nuclear power plant construction plans, including site and name, remain undecided. Six reactors are being planned and designed for construction by 2020. In 2014, international bidding took place, with Russia in the lead. Currently, South Africa holds two nuclear reactors at Koeberg Nuclear Power Station.
UKYesHinkley Point (in Somerset), Wylfa and OldburyThirteen nuclear power reactors are in the planning stages at nuclear power plants such as Hinkley Point (in Somerset), Wylfa and Oldbury. Hitachi, Ltd. acquired Oldbury Nuclear Power Station and has decided to build both the Wylfa Nuclear Power Station and Oldbury Nuclear Power Station. Westinghouse, an affiliate of Toshiba Corporation, is now under negotiation with a cartel of French and Spanish companies, aiming to acquire majority shares of the Nuclear Power Business Firm at Sellafield, in central UK. Two state-owned enterprises in China - China General Nuclear Corporation (CGN) and China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) - announced their planned entry into the business at Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Station in Somerset in 2023 (as announced in October 2013).
ChinaYesVarious LocationsIn the autumn of 2012, the Chinese government reopened construction plans for nuclear power plants in China. The construction of 171 nuclear reactors is now being planned and designed.
IndiaYesVarious locations, including Kudankulam Atomic Power Plant No.2 reactor.Kudankulam Atomic Power Plant No.1 reactor began its commercial operation on October 22, 2013. Fifty-seven nuclear reactors are in the planning stage.
USAYesVogtle Electric Generation PlantIn February 2012, US government gave the green light to new construction of nuclear power plants (two nuclear reactors at Vogtle Electric Generation Plant), for the first time since the Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant accident in 1979. The two new nuclear reactors at Vogtle Electric Generation Plant will be the AP1000 made by Westinghouse, an affiliate of Toshiba Corporation.
BrazilUnder NegotiationAngra Nuclear Power Plant (aka Central Nuclear Almirante Alvaro Alberto) No.3 reactor.Two reactors are already in operation and one other is under construction. Four reactors are planned to be built by 2030. In 2010 and in 2012, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries exported a reactor vessel head (RVH) and control rod drive mechanisms (CRDM) to Angra Nuclear Power Plant.