Declaration of No Nukes Rights


-Declaration of No Nukes Rights-

We herby solemnly declare our new human right, which we shall call our “No Nuke Right” or the right to live free from the fear of nukes; based on the Constitution of Japan, Article 13 (the right to pursue happiness) and Article 25 (the right to maintain minimum wholesome and cultural living.)

People are still suffering from the massive and serious damage, at a degree never before experienced, caused by the Fukushima No.1 Nuclear Power Plant accident in March 11, 2011.
While numerous suits are filed against TEPCO, the nuclear reactor builders, General Electric Company, TOSHIBA CORPORATION, and HITACHI, Ltd. are not even the targets of criticism and are even planning to increase their profits through international exports.
The “Legal Channeling of Liability” exempts them from all responsibilities as nuclear reactor builders, even when accidents occur due to defects in the nuclear reactors they have manufactured. This system of protecting the nuclear industries (the nuclear system), under which only the operator (electric company) is liable, allowing the nuclear industries to continue to expand untouched, is controlling the world, with no public scrutiny.
We have hereby decided to file the Class Action against Nuclear Reactor Builders (CAANRB) and Lawsuit Against The Nuclear Reactor Suppliers (LATNRS) to clarify the unconstitutionality of the Legal Channeling of Liability and challenge the constitutionality thereof, based on the No Nukes Right above.
We strongly urge people around the world to unite as participating parties to this case.