What is Class Action against Nuclear Reactor Builders (CAANRB)?

The plaintiff group for CAANRB (hereinafter “CAANRB”) brought a case before Tokyo District Court against nuclear reactor builders that are Hitachi Ltd., Toshiba Corporation, GE (General Electric Company) on January 30, 2014. The total of CAANRB is 1,415 (domestic members are 1,058 and overseas members are from 32 countries 357).

As in this case the statute of limitations on Civil Code takes effect as of March 11, 2014, the members of CAANRB (domestically 387, and overseas 2,326) brought the second case on March 10, 2014, and together with the first case thereby we constitute the total 4,128 member of CAANRB. The whole CAANRB members in 39 countries in the world including Japan raised their voice.

The severe and great scale Fukushima No.1 Nuclear Power Plant accident occurred on March 11, 2011, including hydrogen explosions extended damages from radiation exposure in the scale we had never experienced before, to shake the people in whole world. And now a lot of damage suits are filed against TEPCO.

But, as the product maker are legally to blame for the compensation for asthma caused from automobile exhaust gas more than the driver and/or the owner of the car, not only the electric companies but the nuclear reactor builders should be naturally to be blamed for the nuclear accident damages. But until now, the nuclear reactor builders are hardly at the mere target for slight criticism. The reason for this is we Japanese apply for the legal channeling of liability, which concentrates the liability only to the electric companies, in Atomic Energy Damage Compensation Law. The nuclear reactor builders do receive immunity from responsibility for damages by this Atomic Energy Damage Compensation Law.

There is the system that the nuclear reactor builders can spread nuclear power plants over the world without being blamed from others for liability even for any grave and severe accidents. This system reveals what the nuclear generation institution actually is.

We consider that we must challenge this institution to a struggle with targeting the very true nature thereof by beginning CAANRB law suit to stop the restarting of the nuclear power plants, the new construction thereof, and the export thereof as soon as possible.

The suit this time we will prove with various evidences that the Fukushima nuclear accidents occurred due to the responsibility of nuclear reactor builders and will assert that Atomic Energy Damage Compensation Law is unconstitutional by building up the new human rights idea of No Nukes Rights (the human rights to evade the fear from nuclear power). And we will try to blame nuclear reactor builders for the accident to reveal the nuclear reactor builders’ liability for damages for emotional and mental distress by the accident they brought about.

CAANRB will extend the international unity movement for annihilate the nuclear power generation together with the whole world citizens. The citizens of all over the world! Unite and get the victory in CAANRB suit.